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Yoga Trapeze

  • Intro to Yoga Trapeze
    Intro to Yoga Trapeze
    Sat, Sep 09
    Hot26 School of Yoga
    Sep 09, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
    Hot26 School of Yoga, 12704 S Meridian, Puyallup, WA 98373, USA
    This intro workshop is required before you can sign up for other Yoga Trapeze classes.

The intro to Trapeze class is designed to teach you the basics of using the Yoga Trapeze. 

This introductory class is required before registering for any of our Yoga Trapeze classes

that are included with our unlimited memberships and class packages.   


You must purchase or rent a Yoga Trapeze from the front desk in order to participate in our Yoga Trapeze classes.

Rental fee: $10

Purchase your own: $85

Yoga Trapeze Only



Every month


What is the Yoga Trapeze? 

The Yoga Trapeze is a fun core workout that is a swing-like device.  It is draped from the ceiling or another overhead structure and allows you to perform yoga poses aerially. 

Instant Pain Relief

You can use gravity to traction your spine and find pain relief with the Yoga Trapeze. 

Suspension Training

The Yoga Trapeze forces you to constantly engage your core to perform each exercise and offers pulling movements in a new and dynamic way.   Pulling is a critical movement for neck, back, and upper body health. With the Yoga Trapeze, you are suspended from an anchor point where bodyweight becomes your machine and gravity your resistance


The Yoga Trapeze uses suspension and gravity to build flexibility that allows for deeper hip & shoulder openers, backbends and hamstring stretches.


With this recreational flying device, you are challenged to get into inversion poses that release tension, improve circulation, strengthen muscles and restore energy levels.

  • Wed, Sun

    1 hr

    26 US dollars
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