Why Hot26 Yoga Teacher Training?

Has yoga transformed your life? Would you like to help others transform too? Do you want to share your love of yoga with others?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be interested in our yoga teacher training program!

This course teaches you more than how to teach the yoga postures to other people- it teaches you the history, philosophy, and science of yoga. You have the opportunity to delve deeper into your practice in a fun and supportive atmosphere where you can explore yoga with others who are like minded and searching for a way to help others with their love for yoga.

In this training, we dissect each posture- we dive deeper into the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises from the beginning class- learning the proper muscle activation, skeletal alignment, and anatomy of the postures. We learn how to use the breathing exercises to control our nervous system- creating a calmer mind and stronger body. Not only do we learn more about the postures- we learn how they work in the body and how to modify them for other bodies.

When you graduate from the Hot26 School of Yoga's Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training Program, you are prepared to teach a 45, 60, 75, or 90 minute class anywhere in the world. You will be qualified to register with the Yoga Alliance- an international alliance of yoga teachers that sets the bar for yoga schools around the world.

We have added a "Teaching Online Classes" section to our program! You will learn exactly what it takes to teach a class online- in a private or group setting. Our Business of Yoga class will prepare you to audition for a position at a yoga studio, gym, or other venue- or open your own studio!

Many yoga teacher trainings delve deep into the philosphy, history, and anatomy of yoga asana, but leave out the part about how to teach a class. At Hot26 School of Yoga, our program prepares you to teach a class before you graduate. Many of our graduates are hired to teach on the schedule immediately after the completion of their course.

We have a clinical support program after you graduate from our course! If selected, you will have the opportunity to teach live classes to the public to help you practice the skills you have learned from your training.

Hot26 School of Yoga's Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training Program is a world-class program that produces effective, efficient, and professional quality teachers that are prepared to share their love for yoga with their students- in a safe and gentle manner- keeping the tradition of the yoga practice alive in our communities.

Find out more! Visit our Teacher Training page at hot26yoga.com/teacher-training Ready to take the next step? Fill out your application here.

Here is what some of our graduates have to say!

"Wow! What an experience. I wasn't sure how the online platform would translate with learning yoga, but it was amazing. The connection we were able to make with each other was nothing short of a kismet. This was such a great, supportive, and informative class that helped us understand Yoga asanas and how to teach them, and also understand the deeper meaning of yoga. Emily did a great job of involving each of us and helped highlight our strengths, while building a strong foundation to teach ANY type of yoga. Being able to teach a live class to live people (in the heat) the week of my final speaks volumes to the instruction and the care Emily put into this training. Jenna, Brooke, Emily, and Chloe- you all took a situation that we were unsure of and built an amazing platform, and built amazing yoga teachers. Kudos to you all for helping us see the silver lining in an uncertain world."

-Lena Rosenthal, Kenosha, WI "I took the RYT 200 class in the Spring of 2020, during COVID-19. Emily’s organization and comfort with an online platform made her program seem like it was always an online school. I say this as a compliment because I had access to material, lectures, and Emily without feeling like I was in fact 1,600 miles away from Puyallup, WA. I was mentored, my questions were answered, and I was in part of a new yogi community. In no way did I experience less of an education or a watered-down version of an RYT 200 training. Her professionalism is above par. Emily is passionate about yoga, but her course empowered me to create a lifestyle where yoga fits in and thrives within my own life and practice. I learned that yoga goes beyond the mat at the HOT26 School of Yoga. I am stronger; I have a better sense of my yoga journey and most importantly, I can graciously accept with the challenge of bringing yoga to others with the same care and compassion I learned at Hot26 School of Yoga. I’m walking away with a tool that will continue to shape and grow with me for life; that is invaluable."

-Nicole Gonzalez, Sierra Vista, AZ

"I was met with more than I anticipated with this course. There was so much life changing information given during those several weeks. I felt full when the weekend was over, yet grateful that we had a week to take it all in before the next weekend of class arrived. There was a ton of support between the students and (our trainer) Emily, even with thousands of miles between several of the students in AZ and WI utilizing Zoom. Emily is passionate about the information she’s feeding us, you can’t help but feel recharged from it. Parts of me were opened that I didn’t know existed. This class was a blessing and I look forward to learning more from her. Now to share it with the WORLD! I’m confident whoever wants to take this class, won’t be disappointed."

-Teréza Aure, McCleary, WA "I had no idea how life changing a quick 200hr class could be. I feel like I’ve made great strides in my yoga knowledge, acceptance, inner peace personal accountability, self esteem, and most importantly overall happiness. I’ve found a group of people that make me feel happy and comfortable. I learned how to take constructive criticism and learn to grow from it instead of taking it as a personal assault on my character. Sharing an incredibly personal experience with a small group of people across several states. I feel like I’ve extended my family from taking this course and I can’t wait to visit Arizona, Wisconsin and Texas in the next few years. Thanks to Emily for believing in me and showing me that there is a different way and there is a safe place to find my path. I will be eternally grateful for this experience and look forward to the next training."

-Mignon Sutherland-Sauve

"This training was a life changing experience. Emily is an amazing, inspiring and passionate trainer. The curriculum is outstanding and the way she teaches is life-changing. Emily has inspired me to become the best yoga teacher I can be. Emily has made me want to use my knowledge to inspire others to become passion about yoga to. I am forever grateful. Emily shows you her fire and love to change the world through yoga. If you love yoga this is the place you need to be."

-Jessica Jackson, Puyallup, WA

Ready to apply for the next training? Fill out your application here.

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