What Room Should I Practice In?

We have you covered as far as all things HOT (or warm) at Hot26 School of Yoga! When you take class with us, you can choose from 3 different rooms:

Yin Room

Heated to 80-85°F

This large group room has soft, but firm floors and is heated to 80-85°F- perfect for a deep stretch class or an upbeat cardio. This room is equipped with Ballet barres on the wall and has two full wall mirrors. We also have Yoga Trapeze and Headstand Trainer Chairs in this room. There is also a projector, webcams, a portable microphone, and laptop hookups for our online trainings, workshops and events.

Shakti Room

Heated to 95-100°F

This medium-sized group heat therapy room has floors that create just enough give for the floor series, and are firm enough to balance on. The infrared heaters create a therapeutic effect in the body- helping to detoxify the body and relax the muscles while improving circulation, purifying the skin, and assisting with weight loss. This room has a large screen on the back wall where your virtual instructor will be. There is sometimes a live instructor in this room and sometimes a virtual instructor- it will be clearly marked on the class scheduled.

Shiva Room

Heated to 105-108°F

This large group heat therapy room has the same comfortable floors as our Shakti Room- but is a little bit hotter! If you like to riversweat when you do hot yoga, this is the room you will want to practice in. There is always a live instructor in Shiva.

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