What is a Mini Hot Yoga Room?

Hot26 School of Yoga has created a brand new way to practice your hot yoga! When Hot Yoga group lessons were stopped due to our governer's mandate, we decided to create a way for our students to still get their hot yoga in- even if we couldn't practice together in a group! Thus, our Mini Hot Yoga Rooms were born...

A Mini Hot Yoga Room is a room just big enough for 1-2 people to practice in. It is equipped with infrared heat, soft floors, and adjustable lighting to suit your mood! The instructor's voice can be heard in our high quality surround sound speakers and a demonstrator appears in the mirror when class begins.

Why choose to practice in a Mini Hot Yoga Room?

The mini hot yoga room makes yoga personal again. Although we love practicing in a group class for motivation, accountability, and help from the teacher- the mini hot yoga room is a perfect way to get your practice in any time of day, in a personal way- giving you the opportunity to explore your practice on a deeper level.

How do I book a session in the Mini Hot Yoga Room?

You can book the mini room online through your browser at hot26yoga.com/book-online or chat with us through our app. You can also call the front desk to book at: (253)904-8417.

What hours is the Mini Hot Yoga Room open?

The mini room is available to book Monday through Friday from 7:30am-8pm. Saturday and Sunday from 7am-6pm.

How much does a class in the Mini Hot Yoga Room cost?

Appointments in the mini room are included with your membership! If you don't have a membership, it is $26 per session, or you can use one of the classes from your class package.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Yes! The mini room is big enough for up to 2 people. If you are a member and would like to bring a friend and they do not have a membership or class package with us- you can bring them for just $10! Just have your guest create an account with us and the Bring a Friend pass is available as an option at checkout. The reservation for the room only needs to be made by 1 person.

What classes are offered in the Mini Hot Yoga Room?

Currently we offer a 60 minute Hot26 class and Fusion class instructed by our Founder, Emily Henderson and demonstrated by Mariah Buck- one of our senior teachers at Hot26 School of Yoga. Our other classes in the mirror will include: 90 min Hot26, Flō, Barre, Yin, and Sculpt.

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