Advice for New Students

Your first hot yoga class can be a little intimidating. Here are a few tips to help beginners with their practice:

For your first class, bring a yoga mat, large towel, and water. You will sweat a lot! So a couple of hand towels will be good to wipe off the sweat as you go.

When you sweat rivers like we do in Hot Yoga, you want to make sure your body is properly hydrated before you begin class. This way you don't begin already depleted- if your nervous system doesn't have the proper nutrients to make it through a hot yoga class it can react with symptoms like nausea, rapid heart rate and other uncomfortable feelings. So we like you to come prepared!

Here are a few ways to properly hydrate yourself before a hot yoga class:

1. Eat plenty of hydrating foods the day before you come to class. This includes fruits, vegetables and clear liquids.

2. It doesn't hurt to supplement with himalayan pink salt or to take Concentrace Minerals to support your nervous system before and after practice. It will help your focus and ability to perform in the hot room. You can purchase Trace Minerals on Amazon, or we sell them at the studio.

You will be soaking wet after class, don't forget a change of clothes for after class if you don't want to go home wet! We have showers and changing room available for you to use before and after class. We just ask that you use the provided bleach bottle sprays to clean your shower after use.

Be sure to inform your instructor of any medical conditions or injuries before class.

If you have never taken any kind of yoga class, we suggest you start with a 26 class- Virtual or In Studio. The 26 class is our foundation class- the poses in this class are suited to be modified for any type of body. Each pose is performed and then a 10 second break of stillness is performed after each pose. This helps to tone the nervous system- but it also is great for beginners to feel a little more comfortable with learning something new.

Which room should a beginner choose? In Yoga, we add heat for beginners. The more advanced the practice, the less heat we use. This is why hot yoga is perfect for beginners- it adds heat to the body to make it more flexible- allowing a greater range of motion so we can flush the joints with fresh oxygen and nutrients.

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