Just One Step

I had a conversation with my students after class this morning about how easy it is to let our practice go when we get busy, even though yoga is probably what we need the most at those times. We agreed it seemed to be that self-care is the thing that we let go first when we need it the most. Then, this evening I had another conversation with a student about how easy it is to do things that aren’t good for us and how hard it is to do the things that are good for us when we are feeling tired, stressed, depressed or anxious.

It takes a strong will to drag a depressed body to class. It takes a strong will to eat what is good for you when you're really hungry and just want to eat whatever makes you full. It takes a strong will to make it through a tough time when you're feeling alone. Choosing to do something different is hard, especially when we feel hopeless, overworked, incapable, or alone.

It’s not easy to do what you have to do to be who you want to be, but everything we do is a choice. EVERYTHING. We already have many, many commitments we’ve made unconsciously, so the question is what are we willing to commit to consciously in order to make the changes we want to see in our lives? Because when we commit to an hour a day on our mat, or whatever we choose for self care, not only do we have to commit, we have to hold ourselves accountable to that commitment. I think that is the hard part, being accountable to ourselves, but if you want to be different, you have to act different. You have to take at least one step in a new direction in order to forge a new path.

Be kind to your future self; choose to schedule time for yourself, and then show up for that appointment in the same way you would show up for someone else if you were scheduled with them. Commit to meet yourself on your mat this week... and I’ll be there to meet you.


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