Our Last Hot26 for 2018!

I went to the 10:00AM 90 minute Hot 26 class yesterday, New Years Eve of 2018. At the end, lying in Savasana, Emily mentioned that this was our last class of the year, and suddenly I felt tears running down my sweaty face. A year! A year ago I was 5 or so months into my yoga journey, meeting up with Mariah once or twice a week in Emily's garage studio (the inside of the doors spray painted gold!), and still pretty sure Mariah was either abnormally flexible (this is, in fact, true) or maybe just crazy to think I could ever stand on one leg with my forehead to my knee for more than 10 seconds or bend forward and pull my body onto my straight legs. I insisted on all the heaters being turned off during my class. I probably would have rolled up those gold garage doors to let in the cold if I had my way!

Fast forward 17 months. Hot26 is now TWO full sized studios, one for our beloved hot yoga & flow classes, and one for yin, pilates, barre, yoga teacher training & workshops! Personally, I am now finishing up the last handful of hours until I will complete my own 200 hour yoga teacher certification. Yoga and the Hot26 practice in particular, has become such a core element in my life and routine, I fear I would be lost without it. It goes so far beyond just the physical fitness I've attained. My yoga practice has given me muscle strength as well as mental strength. I feel calm, centered, focused, and capable. I find myself doubting myself and my beliefs less. Yoga grounds me, shows me a better way to live in the world with myself and with others, and it provides a world-wide community in which I always know I will belong and be welcomed. The 105 degree room and the voice of my instructor feel and sound like home to me; a home I didn't even know I was looking for.

So, a big HAPPY (and sweaty!) 2019 to all my yoga omies at Hot26! See you on the mat! And to all of you out there who are just on the threshold of your own yoga journeys, here are a few words of encouragement:

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