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What our Fall 2018 Teacher Trainees have to say about their training so far...

I’ve learned SO much. I had no idea there was so much to learn, layers and layers of history and background knowledge. I especially enjoy the posture clinics. I’d been doing yoga for 6 1/2 years, and nobody had ever told me I was doing anything wrong! It’s been really eye-opening and very, very helpful. -Julie Johnson

I have been doing yoga on & off for 20 years. My my oldest child became more independent, I dove into all things yoga: yoga philosophy, yoga classes, weekend trainings, all of which lead me to my 200 hour teacher training at Hot26 Yoga. The support and knowledge here is amazing. Because of Emily’s background, I feel like I’m being certified by a highly credible yoga teacher, and I really appreciate that. It also feels safe and comfortable here. After graduation I’m looking forward to doing what I love and getting paid for it! -Tori Lewis

Personalized attention is what drew me to Hot26 Yoga. I’m a psychology major, which has helped me understand myself and my issues with anxiety, but yoga has helped me even more! Every week in training I feel like I learn some simple concept that has a huge impact on my life. Every single week I feel like a new person. It’s completely changed my outlook on life and everything. After I graduate I want to jump into teaching as many yoga classes as I can! -Joy Beyer

My main reason for taking teacher training is to deepen my practice. After the studio I had been going to closed, I moved my practice to my home, but I missed the dialogue. The dialogue is a way for me to have an hour to myself without listening to anything going on in my head. I am able to listen to somebody else tell me what to do, and my mind is clutter free of anything from the day. I’ve improved my postures, and I have a better understanding of the form and the benefits of each posture. -Dusty Wilson

I love it. I love it. After doing yoga for 9 years I just felt stuck. The training has pushed me to the next level. After I graduate I hope to branch out into leading PTSD or trauma therapy yoga workshops. -Angela Rash

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