Introducing Susanne, Our 12 Month Progress Partner!

June 19, 2018

Today we are beginning a project we're super excited about at Hot26 Yoga! Susanne has volunteered to let us follow her for a year and share her yoga journey on the blog! Before we took this first series of progress photos, we sat down and gave Susanne a chance to share a little about herself. 


What's your previous fitness experience?


I used to be pretty active going to the gym in my 20's and 30's to my early 40's. Then we had a big change in life; we moved to a different state and it kind of slowed down everything. Off and on I would go to the gym, maybe do a little bit of hiking. I did hot yoga ten years ago in a studio when I lived in Maple Valley, and I really loved it at first, but then it was getting too popular and the classes were packed during the time I could go, so I just stopped. The studio also did not offer classes throughout the day like they are here.


So what made you decide to come back?


We moved to Puyallup about three years ago, and I joined the Y, but I wasn't going consistently, and I never really found a class that I loved. My friend Jennifer has been doing the teacher training here, and I saw on the Facebook page the special and thought, Wow! I really loved it when I did it before, so I joined. I just feel like in the last, probably three years, you know, once I turned 50, things have just been going downhill with my body, so I just felt this was the time to do this.  I want to be active when I'm older and enjoy my life. But I felt like I was heading in that direction, so that's what pushed me to start. 

The photos below were taken after Susanne's 4th class since starting her recommitment to yoga, and we'll be checking in with her once a month until next June. Can't wait to share her progress with you! If you're wanting to grab the same Founding Member Special ($59/mo for unlimited classes) Susanne did, it's available through June 30th!


 Ardha Chandrasana

Pada Hastasana



 Dandayamana Janushirasana


Dandayamana Dhanurasana




Salabhasana Part 1

Salabhasana Part 2