Our Teachers

Emily Henderson



Emily is the founder of Hot26 School of Yoga.  She has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager and became certified to teach yoga in 2014.  She worked as the Director of Teacher Training and Development for Hot Yoga Inc. where she trained and developed teachers for 6 studios.  She opened her own school of yoga in 2017 and has trained hundreds of teachers to teach yoga.  She teaches because it makes her a better student and her greatest passion is watching others transform through their yoga practice.  Read More>>

Mariah Buck


RYT 500

Mariah graduated from the Hot26 School of Yoga in 2017 and teaches Hot26, Flow, Little PretZels, Sculpt, and Barre classes. 

Amanda Moore

RYT 200

I started practicing yoga consistently in July 2016. When I first tried yoga it was just a home video. I really enjoyed it and it piqued my interested. Eventually I decided I wanted to go take a hot yoga class… ended up going by myself, where I didn’t know anyone. I loved the atmosphere and fell in love during my first few classes. When I began going regularly I started to find that I had particular teachers that I preferred. These teachers were encouraging, positive and I always felt uplifted after speaking with them or taking their class. I quickly came to the realization that I wanted to be that for someone else. It didn’t matter how I felt I did during class they were always there to refocus things into a positive light. The teachers reminded me that wherever I was at or wherever my body was at that day that it was ok, each day is different and each day your body is different.

In Spring of 2017 I started my teacher training at Hot26 School of Yoga with Emily Henderson. Even though I’ve graduated, I consider myself to still be in training, it’s an ongoing journey with Emily as my yoda (trainer). The training was the best decision I could have made. I’ve learned so much not only about yoga but about myself and about how to encourage others. I strive to be like my favorite teachers for others as they walk into the studio and to show them that any body can do yoga, you just have to start. Through the training and after I’ve met amazing people that have become part of what I like to call my yoga family. Yoga has been my sanity, my brain vacation and my saving grace through a turbulent time in my life.

Yoga doesn’t care about athletic ability, your race, your gender, your religion or your income; yoga has a way of reaching you when you need it, wherever you are.

Joy Beyer

RYT 200

I graduated from the Fall 2018 Hatha Teacher Training at Hot26. I began yoga in 2017 on orders from a therapist for anxiety and depression, and instantly fell in love. After realizing what a profound impact yoga had on my life, I decided to dedicate my life to sharing yoga with others. I teach Hot26 and Fusion classes. 

Dusty Wilson

RYT 500

My yoga journey started back in March 2016 when I offered to join a co-worker after work one day. I continued as a student there until the studio closed its doors in April 2018. From here, I continued my practice at home by making yoga space in an extra bedroom and obtaining an online membership for yoga videos. A couple months later, I realized I really missed the Hatha dialogue and felt there was so much more to learn about yoga. It was at that point in time I decided to do teacher training and remembered Emily Henderson from the other studio. I knew if I was going to make this journey that I wanted to learn under Emily. I graduated from Hot26 School of Yoga teacher training in the Fall of 2018, and each day I strive to be a positive, motivating instructor for others as others have been for me. I teach 26, 34. Fusion, Flow, Sculpt, and Little Pretzels.   

Anyssa Matheson



Anyssa Matheson graduated from our 2019 Fall Teacher Training and teaches 26, Yin, Fusion and Flow.

Taylor Walker

Taylor Walker.jpg


Taylor Walker graduated from our 2019 Fall Teacher Training

Kait Johnson

RYT 200

Kait graduated from Hot26 School of Yoga in 2019 and teaches Hot26 classes. 

Krissy Solle

RYT 200

Krissy graduated from the Hot26 School of Yoga in 2019 and teaches Hot26 and Yin Yoga classes. 

Sara Cline

RYT 200

Sara graduated from our Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training in the Summer of 2020

Mignon Sutherland

RYT 200

Mignon graduated from our Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training in the Summer of 2020 and teaches 26, Fusion and Flow Classes.

Heather Hoskins

RYT 200

Heather graduated from our Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training in the Summer of 2020 and teaches 26, Fusion, Flow, Yin, and Teen Yoga

Aletta Cotto

RYT 200

Aletta graduated from our Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training in the Summer of 2020 and teaches 26 classes. 

Heidi Stockbauer

RYT 200

Heidi teaches Flow classes at Hot26 Yoga in Puyallup, WA

Malinda Hanson

RYT 200

Malinda teaches Sculpt, Flow, Yin and Hot26 classes. 

Jaina Harris

RYT 200

Jaina gradutated from Hot26 School of Yoga in 2017 and teaches 26, 34, Fusion, Flow, Core, Sculpt, and Little PretZels classes. 


Hot26 School of Yoga

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