New to Hot26?

If you are new to yoga in an Infrared Heat Therapy Room, here are a few tips...

- Start with a 26 class.  This is suited for beginners.  Fusion would be the next level, and then Flo, Sculpt, and Barre.  Yin is good for practitioners of all levels.  

- Bring a yoga mat, large towel, and water

- Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and that you can sweat in.

- Don't eat a heavy meal at least 2 hours before class begins. 

- Leave your wifi and cellular devices outside the yoga room- yoga is a moving meditation.

- Stay hydrated- drink plenty of water before and after class. 

- No talking in the yoga room- it is a quiet space where students like to meditate after class. 

- You can review our Yogi Etiquette below.

- It's not mandatory, but you can schedule a private lesson with one of our certified yoga instructors for a one on one experience to get you started with your practice before jumping into your first class.   

- Ready to register for class?  Book your spot here! 

For more information visit our blog post, Advice for New Students

Yogi etiquette

  • Arrive on timeBeing in a hurry to rush into a yoga class is stressful for both you and your classmates.  Be sure to arrive on time, giving yourself the time you need to check-in, put away your items, roll out your mat, and gather any props you will need for class.

  • Remove your shoes before entering the studioYoga is practiced with bare feet.  By removing your shoes, you’re not only helping keep our studio clean, you are respecting a space that’s revered and cherished by others.

  • Check your ego at the doorRemember this is a practice, not a performance.  You’re here for yourself, not anyone else.

  • Be kind and respect othersMind your mood.  Gossip, complaining, and negative attitudes disturb the peaceful environment yogis are searching for when they practice at our studio.  Be gentle and respectful in your communication. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

  • Tell your teacher about any injuries

  • Many teachers like to give gentle assists in class.  If you are injured or just don’t feel like being touched, tell your teacher before class begins.

  • No devices in the yoga room

  • Whistles, dings, and blips are incredibly distracting.  For many, yoga class is a chance to escape the digital addictions and distractions we face in everyday life, offering you a rare chance to be fully present.  By bringing your phone or smartwatch to class (even on silent) you’re distracting yourself and those around you.  Expecting an important call or text?  Consider skipping class altogether, and returning when you can truly focus.  

  • Be aware of your space

  • Be neighborly by making room for other students to roll out their mat if it's available.  

  • Clean upIf you borrowed a mat from the studio, please spray it and hang it to dry on the rack at the back of the room. If you borrowed a block, weights, ball or other prop, please spray it and wipe with a towel and place it back where it goes.

  • TowelsWe provide complimentary towels for new students or those who have forgotten their own.  Please help us keep this service complementary by bringing your own towels and only using the studio towels for when you forget your own.  Place used towels in the laundry basket by the door.  

  • Stay in the roomWe know it can feel pretty hot in the hot room at times...especially when you are a new student.  If you hydrate properly (ask your teacher for details about proper hydration) and give yourself time to acclimate (it varies per student), you will be able to better enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the heat. When you exit and re-enter the room multiple times during class, it does not help to train your body to work in the heat.   If you have a medical condition that puts you in a position where you must enter and exit the hot room during class, please consider taking yoga classes in our Yin Room or Mini Yoga Rooms instead.   We have many classes that offer the benefits of yoga in these rooms without the intensity of the heat.  If you feel overwhelmed with the heat at any time during your class, please sit down on your mat, drink water, and listen to your body. If you reach a point where you need to leave class, please leave your mat behind and exit the room (between postures if possible).  You can collect your mat after class.  Rolling up a mat during class breaks the focus in the room.  Please do not re-enter the room once you have left.  The yoga room is considered a meditative space where we try to keep distractions to a minimum in order to assist our students in learning to focus and concentrate.