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Hot26 School of Yoga is located in Puyallup, Washington on the corner of 128th and Meridian Ave S.  We offer heated and non-heated yoga classes to the public 7 days a week.  Our classes are also broadcast LIVE! through Zoom.us.   

In February 2021 we introduced Hot26 Mini:  Personal Hot Yoga Rooms that you can book by appointment any time of day, 7 days a week.  

We also offer a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training program in the spring and fall each year that enables you to teach yoga anywhere in the world.  

Book an appointment or schedule a class here.  Questions?  Give us a call: (253)904-8417 or email us at hello@hot26yoga.com.

Introductory Special!
2 weeks of UNLIMITED classes in studio and online!
Includes appointments in our Mini Hot Yoga Rooms or Group Practice Rooms!
1 time purchase, first time students only.

What our students say...

More than your typical boutique, bougie style studio but a place where all levels of skill feel truly welcomed. Dozens of classes offered from step by step hot yoga to challenging classes both hot and traditional and youth classes as well! Most impressive is their teacher training offered, students of the class are given the opportunity to lead a free signature Hot26 class and patrons get to attend a class free of charge. I’m grateful for the classes offered and to contribute to a local small business like this!!

-Levi S.

Hot26 has been my saving grace. I joined on December 27th 2019. I was tired all of the time, it was hard to bend over, I had extreme lower back pain, I felt bad about who I was and I didn’t sleep at night. I started a daily hot yoga practice and have not looked back till now. I’m down 25lbs, I sleep like a baby, I can bend over with ease without my back screaming in pain and I have my self confidence back. I’m not trying to say that this is a cure all but it’s helping. It must be noted that the proactive response to the government shut down of fitness studios has been phenomenal. Emily has online classes up and running almost immediately and is constantly striving to accommodate everyone’s needs. 🙏 namaste

-Mignon S.

I have yet to find a better studio with such a welcoming and friendly community. All teachers are extremely knowledgeable and practice safety first! I am grateful for the wonderful space they provide for all of us.

-Brooke M.

This is the most welcoming hot yoga studio I’ve ever been too! It’s also an awesome place to get your hot yoga teacher training! I would recommend Hot26 School of Yoga to anyone! This is a wonderful place to start your yoga journey!

-Julie T.

Amazing atmosphere! Love every instructor and new location!

-SheRhea S.

Love the staff - love that they moved closer to me - love the classes they offer - A plus in cleanliness and the list goes on -highly recommended!!!
-Shelly S.

Without a doubt, the BEST yoga classes I’ve ever done. Emily, the owner, has clearly been able to make her vision come to fruition. I’ve done class in about 20 studios, over the last 8/9 years. By FAR the best classes, staff, teachers, and facilities I’ve ever seen. And that doesn’t include the additional things that are in the process of being completed. ABSOLUTELY worth the time, and a bargain.

-Eric B.

Every single teacher here is amazing and personable, and it’s the first yoga studio I’ve attended where I didn’t leave feeling old, inflexible and like a hopeless failure. I’m not kidding - I limped out of the last hot yoga studio I attended in Redmond in tears and injured after a teacher forced me into a position without even asking or knowing my health history and that I had a herniated disc. This place isn’t like that at all!!

-Kerri M.

Comfortable floor, hot room and super nice owner!

-Cory T.

It’s such a beautiful place to practice. Everyone is so friendly. I can’t recommend enough.

-Ilia T.

I've been on the hunt for my new yoga home after Hot Yoga Inc in Puyallup closed and THIS is it! I love all of the instructors. They are all so friendly and motivating! The rates are the best around and the class schedule is great. So glad I gave Hot26 a try!

-Cheri D.

Yoga you have my heart. More specifically Hatha [Hot26]. When I first started, I didn't think I would like doing the same 26 poses over and over again with every class, but let me tell you that my mind has been completely changed. There is something so powerful about feeling and seeing improvements every time. There is something about learning to make very minor adjustments every time to get better. In the short amount of time that I have been doing yoga, I have become more flexible, especially in my back, and I have become more confident going into these poses that I once thought were going to be impossible for me. 
If you are someone who doesn't think they like yoga, or someone who needs a place to go that is amazing, come try Hot26 at New Level 360 in Puyallup. Emily Henderson and her team are incredible instructors. 

-Heidi Brower 


Great instructors, good location and reasonable rates!  I'll be coming back regularly. 

-Levi S.

I can only recommend Hot26. I signed up early on when the studio first opened and have enjoyed every moment of it. having left another studio down town Puyallup (which i loved) to make the migration to Hot26, i found that i love Hot26 more. The classes are smaller, since it is still growing. I enjoy that the owner (Emily) is extremely personable, kind and genuine. The teachers I have had so far are all extremely nice, caring and are very hands-on (Thank you John for all the tips and assistance!) That is not anything I had received at the studio I left. I will continue my journey with Hot26 and will also sign up for teacher training in January 2019 and am extremely excited to see where this pilgrimage will take my life. Can't wait to see...

-Moni L.