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You'll burn more calories in a 15 minute CAROL Ride than a 30 minute run.

Our AI Bike gives you a personalized workout and tracks your progress.  CAROL is the only exercise bike that offers true REHIT because its AI personalizes your workouts, making sure you hit your personal maximum intensity every time.

Be sure to download the CAROL Bike app on your phone and register for an account before you arrive for your appointment.  

Our CAROL Bike is available to book

Mon-Thurs from 7AM-9PM and Fri-Sun from 7AM-1PM

for our Members with an UNLIMITED membership or you can book a ride for just $5. 


How to book a ride on our CAROL Bike: select the BOOK NOW button below.  Choose your time.  

What you will need for your ride:  We have over the ear headphones available to use, or bring your own!  You can use bluetooth or wired headphones.  You can bring your own heart monitor, use the handlebars, or purchase a chest strap monitor from us when you arrive. 

How to prepare for your ride: Download the CAROL Bike app and register for an account.  This will keep track of your personalized rides and show you your progress along the way.  This is an AI Bike- which means your rides are customized just for you!