Visionbord Vinyasa: Envision Your Best Year Ever!

DO NOT let the end of January keep you from staying fired up on your goals, resolutions, and habits for the rest of the year. There are still 11 more months! "Vision without action is mearly a dream; vision with action can change the world" -Joel A. Barker Join me at Hot26 for an hour and a half of imagining your perfect year! We will collage a visionboard to match your goals, then we'll take action and charge up your vision with an energizing Vinyasa Flow. The power of visualization is real. We can make it all happen in 2019 by putting love and effort into crafting a solid picture of our goals. This is all about you and what you want. 💛 Can't wait to help you envision YOUR year in t

Just One Step

I had a conversation with my students after class this morning about how easy it is to let our practice go when we get busy, even though yoga is probably what we need the most at those times. We agreed it seemed to be that self-care is the thing that we let go first when we need it the most. Then, this evening I had another conversation with a student about how easy it is to do things that aren’t good for us and how hard it is to do the things that are good for us when we are feeling tired, stressed, depressed or anxious. It takes a strong will to drag a depressed body to class. It takes a strong will to eat what is good for you when you're really hungry and just want to eat whatever makes y

How about a FREE Class?!

So it's January. The holidays are over & it's cold. Maybe you have some 2019 goals bouncing around in your brain. Maybe one of those goals is to get in better shape, find focus or start learning to meditate. Did you know that ALL of these things can be achieved with the practice of Hot26 Yoga? Yep! Did you also know that Hot26 Yoga in Puyallup offers two FREE classes every week? Double Yep! Our free classes (taught by a teacher in training) are held Fridays at 4pm and Sundays at noon! And, if you decided you'd love to continue taking hot yoga or even try some of our other classes, like Flow, Sculpt, Pilates, Barre, Core Express, Yin, Kids Yoga & more, we have some fantastic deals! Today thro

Our Last Hot26 for 2018!

I went to the 10:00AM 90 minute Hot 26 class yesterday, New Years Eve of 2018. At the end, lying in Savasana, Emily mentioned that this was our last class of the year, and suddenly I felt tears running down my sweaty face. A year! A year ago I was 5 or so months into my yoga journey, meeting up with Mariah once or twice a week in Emily's garage studio (the inside of the doors spray painted gold!), and still pretty sure Mariah was either abnormally flexible (this is, in fact, true) or maybe just crazy to think I could ever stand on one leg with my forehead to my knee for more than 10 seconds or bend forward and pull my body onto my straight legs. I insisted on all the heaters being turned off

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