Hot26 Community Get Together

Last Sunday the Hot26 community got together to reconnect around food, drinks & good times in celebration of the new studio! An amazing time was had by all, and we so appreciated Jennifer for opening up her beautiful home & property to all these crazy yogis! Yes, there were crab races & wrestling games (most notably, an on-going pile-up on John by the Hot26 children!). The best thing about this studio is not the workout, but the people and sense of community building daily. Thanks, friends, it was a night to remember! Only 3 more days to grab the Founding Member Special... $59/month for unlimited yoga, pilates & sculp classes in the heated and (soon!) unheated room! Photos: Michelle Buck Pho

International Yoga Day Encourages Peace

Hey Yogis! Did you know that today, June 21st, is the 4th annual International Yoga Day? This year's theme is Peace, as yogis around the world practice all 8 limbs of yoga for body, mind & spirit. More about International Yoga Day: Initiated with a proposition by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, June 21 was proclaimed International Yoga Day by the United Nations on Dec. 11, 2014. The aim of worldwide recognition was to primarily raise awareness on the benefits of yoga. Today, the U.N. resolution is endorsed by 179 countries. Four years ago, in his address to the General Assembly, Prime Minister Modi said: “Yoga is an invaluable gift from our ancient tradition. Yoga embodies unity of mind

Introducing Susanne, Our 12 Month Progress Partner!

Today we are beginning a project we're super excited about at Hot26 Yoga! Susanne has volunteered to let us follow her for a year and share her yoga journey on the blog! Before we took this first series of progress photos, we sat down and gave Susanne a chance to share a little about herself. What's your previous fitness experience? I used to be pretty active going to the gym in my 20's and 30's to my early 40's. Then we had a big change in life; we moved to a different state and it kind of slowed down everything. Off and on I would go to the gym, maybe do a little bit of hiking. I did hot yoga ten years ago in a studio when I lived in Maple Valley, and I really loved it at first, but then i

Have you spotted our Golden Yogis on 94th Avenue?!

Chances are, if you live in Puyallup, you drive down 94th Avenue (maybe to avoid Meridian!) on the regular. This week, Hot26 Yoga at New Level 360 has been out sharing our amazing Founding Member Special with living golden yogi statues demonstrating traditional Hot26 yoga postures! If you see us, give us a honk, take a pic, and if you share on social media, be sure to tag us!!! @hot26yoga @newlevel360 Photos: Michelle Buck Photography

Yogi Profile: Emily

It's only fitting that we start our Hot26 Yogi Profiles with our fearless leader, Emily! After a super busy opening week, Emily sat down on her mat with her breakfast of banana bread and answered some questions about herself and her personal yoga journey. When did you discover yoga? It was 1997 and I was 19. I hurt my back in a car accident and my doctor sent me to "back school"- which was really just physical therapy. During one of my sessions, my physical therapist suggested that I try yoga to help strengthen my core. Yoga at my local gym was my first experience because that's all we had in our little town in southern Utah. I liked it. I was a gymnast and a dancer growing up and that's

Hot26 Yoga Opens New Studio!

Panoramic pic of the new heated studio space, freshly painted & ready to rock! Such exciting news! After years of dreaming & manifesting, and a year of teaching students & small classes at her home studio, Emily finally moved into a beautiful new space that Hot26 Yoga can call its home! Tiffany peeking in anticipation! The first class commenced at 6pm on Friday, June 1st & was free to all! Turnout was incredible, with over 20 in attendance for the opening event! A super steamy Savasana! Yoga teachers in training in their new space. But wait! In addition to the new awesome heated studio, Hot26 Yoga has a 2nd unheated studio space! This additional studio will be used for Hot26 School of Yoga t

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